Local Government Investment Conference

The LOGIC concept is the brainchild of UCAZ whose objectives are:

  • To allow collective rebranding of urban local authorities
  • To create a marketing platform for urban local authorities as investment destinations
  • To reaffirm the position of urban local authorities in the national governance and economic framework
  • To showcase service delivery innovations

The main thrust of LOGIC is investment promotion which resonates with government’s development trajectory codenames Zimbabwe is Open for business and the recently pronounced Vision 2030 Agenda. This comes after the realisation that local authorities are at the centre of the development agenda and therefore it is important that a proactive approach be taken to provide a conducive environment within which investment can be promoted. Therefore LOGIC has become an annual event on the calendar of the association.

Each year the event gathers industrialists, investors, academics, researchers, government departments and ministries and local and regional internationals to discuss pertinent issues in local authorities service delivery agenda and their contribution to Agenda 2030 and sustainable development goals. Upcoming LOGIC events will be announced during the first quarter of the year on this website, our social media platforms, electronic and print media.