1.1 Vision The vision of this policy is to promote gender-responsive local governance through the participation of women and men as equal partners at all levels in local government.

1.2 Goal The overall goal of this policy is to mainstream gender in the development process and to enhance the participation of women and men for sustainable and equitable development and equal access to services.

1.3 Policy Aims The Policy aims to promote gender equality and equity by increasing the participation of women in leadership positions and access to resources. This will be achieved by developing gender sensitivity amongst all councils, councilors, and staff. The Policy identifies specific areas for action and ensures that decision making, development, planning, and implementation mainstream gender. Women‟s equal participation in decision-making is not only a demand for justice and democracy but is a necessary condition for women‟s needs and priorities to be reflected in planning and service delivery by local authorities. The Policy will assist ZILGA and all councils to reorient some traditions and the stereotyping of women which contrive to reinforce inequality, exclusion, gender-neutral policies which fail to address practical gender needs. It will assist in public education to change mindsets, and enable society to treat women as equal and full human beings the way men are viewed. The Policy will enable local government structures to lobby for Law reforms in areas of the law that are not gender-sensitive including the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Name Description Released Format
ZILGA Gender Policy March 11, 2022