Municipality of Mvurwi

Mvurwi is zoned under natural region 2 and receives general good rains, it is also endowed with good soils.

Municipality of Mvurwi

MUNICIPAL STATUS GRANTED IN                                    :               2011

POPULATION ESTIMATE                                                        :               10 954

TRANSIT POPULATION                                                              :

AREA (total surface area)                                                           :               14

ALTITUDE                                                                                         :

CLIMATE                                                                                            :

RAINFALL                                                                                          :               700mm to 1000mm per year

ROAD NETWORK                        

TARRED                                                              :               14km

EARTH AND GRAVEL                                   :               52km

WORK FORCE OF MUNICIPALITY                                       :               40



LOW DENSITY                                                 :                  201

MEDIUM DENSITY                                        :                  276

HIGH DENSITY                                                                :               1 515



SECONDARY                                                     :               2

PRIMARY                                                           :               4

VOCATIONAL                                                   :               0


NUMBER OF HOSPITALS                            `                               :               1

NUMBER OF CLINICS                                                                   :               1

NUMBER OF PRIVATE MEDICAL FACILITIES                  :               3

WARDS                                                                                                :               4

COUNCILLORS                                                                                 :               3



Investment opportunities Distinctive advantages
Tobacco Auction Floor Land available in industrial sites, town surrounded by tobacco farmers
Private Schools Town only have public school, council have land at affordable rates
Supermarket Town do not have a standard supermarket, above the 10 594 population the town also serves people from Guruve, Muzarabani and Centinary
Infrastructural development Mvurwi is expanding, new locations are being serviced there lies an opportunity to partner with council on roads, sewer construction
Grain Milling Mvurwi produces much maize from the surrounding farms
Abattoir The town does not have one
Horticultural activities Council do have small portions of land that can be lease and irrigated,
Lodges, hotels and recreational facilities These can be constructed near water spots



  • Mvurwi is zoned under natural region 2 and receives general good rains, it is also endowed with good soils.
  • The town has 5 large dames that can be used for various agricultural activities
  • The water spots can also be used for recreational facilities
  • The town does have land for industrial and residential use
  • Flexible paying terms for the land
  • 6 months waive of license for all new business
  • Less than 3 days for processing licenses
  • Less than 7 days to approve building plans

For Inquiries please contact

Dr S Nyakudya