Chiredzi Town Council



TOWN STATUS GRANTED ON                                            :           1 April 2000

PROVINCE                                                                             :           Masvingo

POPULATION ESTIMATE                                                     :           38,448

AREA (total surface area)                                                        :           128 square kilometers

REGION                                                                                  :           5

CLIMATE                                                                                :           Hot

RAINFALL LEVEL                                                                 :           <450mm

WATER SOURCES                                                                 :           Lake Mutirikwi, Tokwe Mukosi

BANKS                                                                                   :           9

ROAD NETWORK               

TARRED                                                         :           55 kms

EARTH AND GRAVEL                                  :           95 kms


LOW DENSITY                                               :           686

HIGH DENSITY                                              :           4538

COMMERCIAL                                               :           265

INDUSTRIAL                                                  :           157

INSTITUTIONAL                                            :           69

LAND RESERVED FOR INVESTMENT     :           6,000 hectares



SECONDARY                                                 :           2

PRIMARY                                                       :           4

VOCATIONAL                                               :           3

NUMBER OF HOSPITALS                 `                                   :           2

NUMBER OF CLINICS                                                           :           5

WARDS                                                                                   :           8



Description Location And Land Aspects
1.      Agriculture Ø  Approximately 45,000 hectares of sugar cane fields currently under cultivation. Opportunities available for the development of additional hectarage because of increased water supply from the newly completed Tokwe Mukosi Dam


Ø  Chiredzi is one of the country’s top cotton growing districts. Prospective investors can invest in cotton farming, cotton ginning, textile production and seed oil production.


Ø  Chiredzi District has some of the largest cattle herds in the Country. It is ideal for cattle ranching, establishing abattoirs and trading in beef products.

2.      Tourism Ø  Chiredzi Town is 60kms from Gonarezhou National Park and 20kms from Malilangwe Conservancy. These two natural parks are popular destinations for tourists from around the world, including the world’s richest and most famous. Gonarezhou borders South Africa’s Kruger National Park and Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park. Together, these three parks make up The Great Limpopo Trans-frontier Park.  Opportunities are available in the construction of hotels and lodges in designated tourism zones.


Ø  Safari tour operators, charter airlines and other tourism-related ancillary activities are ripe for exploitation.


Ø  Investors can provider water body activities like fishing and boat cruises at Muteri Dam


Ø  Chiredzi is the traditional home of the Tsonga People, who are a culturally diverse people. Their lifestyles, cultural events and arts and crafts are a major tourist attraction. Prospective investors can invest in cultural villages and souvenir gift shops.

3.      Land Development Council has reserved 6,000 hectors of land for housing, industrial parks, factory shells and office blocks
4.      Solar energy Chiredzi is exposed to sunlight for most of the year. Since there is a country-wide energy crisis, prospective investors are encouraged to put their money in solar energy


Investing in Chiredzi Town allows investors to recover their initial capital investment, at an appropriate return on investment.


Applicants are advised to submit the following information for consideration


  • Company Profile
  • Brief description of proposed investment
  • Estimated size of stand required
  • Proof of funding




Applications to be made to


The Town Secretary

Chiredzi Town Council

69 Inyathi Road

  1. O. Box 128, Chiredzi

+2633122417, +2633122407