Municipality of Chinhoyi

Municipality of Chinhoyi (formerly called Sinoia) was first established in 1893 as a settlement derived from people searching for gold and o

Municipality of Chinhoyi

Municipality of Chinhoyi

Municipality of Chinhoyi (formerly called Sinoia) was first established in 1893 as a settlement derived from people searching for gold and other minerals. It is the Provincial capital of Mashonaland West located approximately 120km North West of Harare along the main road from Harare to Kariba and Chirundu, the main gate ways to Zambia. The town with its population of 77 929 (2012) is the administrative, service and communication centre for the Province. Chinhoyi is the centre of productive maize, cattle and tobacco area and also a mining district mainly producing copper and mica. It is also a college town hosting two of the country’s major Universities mainly Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) and Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU). It also houses the Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital which trains nurses.

Municipal status granted 1893
Area 38km2
Population 77 929
Administrative Wards 15
Major industries/economic activities Maize & tobacco farming, Copper, mica and gold mining
Housing Units
Low density 1937
Medium density 5561
High density 7925
Number of Educational Institutions
Universities 2
High/Secondary Schools 8
Primary Schools 13
Vocational Training Centres 1
Health facilities
Hospitals 1
Clinics 5
Private Medical facilities 1
Water supply source Biri dam
Coverage of water supply 70%
Water production 16ML
Water treatment capacity 30ML
Hours of water supply 8 hours/day
Solid waste management 70%
Investment opportunities Description
Water treatment plant augmentation Currently the water treatment plant is producing 16ML/d. The infrastructure is capable of being upgraded to produce 30ML/d. Additional filter beds, clarifiers and reservoirs are required.
Waste management The Municipality requires an engineered sanitary landfill for final disposal of all municipal solid waste.

The Council also seeks to establish partnerships on waste management related projects i.e. Recycling, waste recovery or Reuse or other technologies offering sustainable solutions to waste management.

Street lights installation Council requires additional 1000 street lights particularly driven by the need to improve on public lighting. Our priority is embracing sustainable technology that is energy efficient.
Stands servicing A number of schemes are available to partner in service delivery on residential, commercial and industrial stands within the town. E.g St Ives; Rusunguko extension
Roads construction Chinhoyi has a total of 330km road networks with only 102km being tarred. Considerable road works needs to be done to include maintenance, gravelling and tarring.
Social services amenities The town is fast growing and demands development of social services infrastructure including Clinics, community halls, recreational parks, schools and sporting facilities.


Reasons to invest in Chinhoyi:

  • We are the Provincial administrative capital of Mashonaland West.
  • Strategically located along the gateway to Chirundu and Zambia.
  • Our business license processing time is between 2-3 days to facilitate ease of doing business.
  • Approval of building plans is done within 7 working days.