Epworth Local Board

Epworth is linked by road to Harare City, Ruwa and Chitungwiza towns as well the Harare International Airport.

Epworth Local Board

1              Name of Local Authority:              Epworth Local Board

Date Established:                             1986

Status:                                                  Local Board

Number:                                              Seven (7)

2              Population:                                         167,000

3              Province:                                             Harare Metropolitan

4              Geographical Location:                  Natural Region Two (2)

5              Infrastructure:

Clinics Council 2
Mission 1
Government Nil
Hospitals Council Nil
Mission Nil
Government Nil
Primary Schools Council 5
Mission 2
Government Nil
Private Nil
Secondary Schools Council 4
Mission Nil
Government Nil
Private 3
Tertiary Institutions Council Nil
Mission Nil
Government Nil


6              Industries

Formal industries:            Two operational

Reservation for industrial development


Informal industries:        Three home industries


7              Transport and Communications

Epworth is linked by road to Harare City, Ruwa and Chitungwiza towns as well the Harare International Airport.

Epworth is also serviced/ connected by all mobile telecoms operators as well as the fixed operator, TelOne and has access to internet services.

8              Tourism and Heritage

Epworth is endowed with natural wonders like the Balancing Rocks and the Domboramwari and Domboremaziso rock outcrops.   The Quarry dam also known as the pool of death is also a major attraction.


9              Investment Prospects

Epworth has a huge population which according to the 2012 national census is the fifth largest in the country after Harare City, Bulawayo City, Chitungwiza Municipality and Mutare City. Planned industrial and commercial stands are available for prospective investment/ development and has abundant granite deposits ideal for industrial quarrying. Road links to Harare, Ruwa and the Harare International Airport augurs well for development.


10           Challenges

– inadequate supply of portable water

– the Board does not own its own water and sewer treatment plants/ works

– Proximity to Harare has brought in high demand for housing and other services resulting in the sprouting of informal settlement

– No hospital (referral)

– No properly developed civic centre