City of Kwekwe

The most accessible city in Zimbabwe being at the heart of the country, and is located 220km from the metropolitan cities of Harare

City of Kwekwe


Established in 1898 as a mining town, Kwekwe became a municipality in 1934 and a City in 1997.  It has a population of 100 900 (2012 census).

The most accessible city in Zimbabwe being at the heart of the country, and is located 220km from the metropolitan cities of Harare and Bulawayo. The City of Kwekwe occupies a unique marketing and distribution position because of its geographical location. It is the industrial hub of the country. Kwekwe is proud to be the only nation’s custodian of the mining museum. The City has achieved social stability through dialogue and implementation of Public Private Partnership in all decision making processes.


Water Supply – best quality of drinking water in the country in terms of the World Health Standards.  The water is adequately reticulated 24/7 to all residents, industries, commercial premises, including our neighbouring Municipality of Redcliff.




  • Water and Sewerage Treatment works
  • Excellent road network
  • World class telecommunications and transmission systems
  • 18 hole golf course at Kwekwe Golf Club.


Industrial Overview

Diverse industry – wire making at Haggie Rand, high carb ferrochrome at ZIMASCO, ammonia nitrate fertiliser at Sable Chemicals, mining explosives at Dyno Nobel, dairy products at Dendairy and the production of malt at Kwekwe Malting plant, which is the biggest in Southern Africa.



  • Ferrochrome
  • Wire and Rope
  • Dairy Products
  • Malt


Construction Industry

A wide range of prime land building sites for:

  • office buildings
  • industrial sites
  • manufacturing plants
  • residential stands


A strong and effective business support in a wide range of services is available – full range of suppliers, sub contractors and a strong professional sector.



Gold is in abundance in and around the city. There are plenty of opportunities in the gold mining sector.



The city is bordered with a quiet countryside where commercial farming and wildlife are in abundance.



Major Projects in the Past Five Years



Ministry of National Housing

(IDBZ Project)                                  –        700 high density stands


FBC Mbizo 9 Extension                 –        160 houses (completed)

Rockodox Mbizo 9 Extension        –        107 high density stands


CBZ Mbizo 21                                  –        415 high density stands


Golden Acres North                 –       127 low density stands



Water and sanitation infrastructure rehabilitation

Africa Development Bank Water Supply and Sanitation Rehabilitation project completed.


Roads rehabilitation

Long distance bus terminus surfacing completed.


Informal Traders Infrastructure

Thirty five (35) shops constructed at the main bus terminus through a B.O.T (Build, Operate and Transfer) arrangement.