(Courtesy of zbcnews.co.zw)

The devolution programme is set to expedite infrastructure development in line with the National Development Strategy One.

It has been a tall order for Damafalls residents in Harare to get a health care facility.

The elderly, the sick, expecting mothers, and all those in need of health services have been travelling long distances to the nearest clinic in Ruwa which is already overwhelmed.

“We travel 10 kilometres to and from every time we need health care services since we sometimes don’t have bus fare,” some residents said.

This has caught the attention of the government, with the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Monitoring Implementation of Government Programmes, Dr Joram Gumbo hinting on using devolution funds to expedite completion of Damafalls Clinic after a tour of the health care infrastructure this Wednesday.

“We have Damafalls Clinic here which was being constructed by the Ruwa local board. They have used 170 00 US dollars since construction started in 2016. We are now considering using devolution funds to expedite completing the project,” he said.

Completion of the project will guarantee improved health care service delivery to people from surrounding places such Mabvuku, Goromonzi and Caledonia.