Under the UCAZ-GIZ partnership, GIZ, an arm of the Germany government, is providing 43 water tanks with a capacity of 5000 litres each to 17 local authorities. The tanks will be installed at 24 Isolation centres in urban local authorities. The 32 urban local authorities have among them a total of 24 isolation centres.

The tanks will go a long way towards providing water at the isolation centres for 24 hours. The Secretary General of UCAZ Mr Livison Mutekede will be coordinating the distribution of the water tanks. “We appreciate the kind gesture by our partners GIZ which enhances our members’ capacity in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We are just awaiting the conclusion of the procurement process. Once we have the tanks, we will inform the concerned members so that they can collect the tanks,” said the Secretary General.

GIZ has also provided support for capacity building of councillors and has also been providing technical and financial support to urban councils on various projects for over the past two decades.